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Just one more little life living alongside the other eight billion on Earth at this moment in Time

Though a poet and artist, I am foremost an Advocate for Love, for Love is the one thing that buoys my life above all the currents of its bad. Love sheltered me through the catastrophic storms of 9/11 in NYC, the suicides of my best friend and my mother, and the death of my father after his rapid decline into dementia. Love lifted me as I tread through the rejections of those I love because I am queerly gay and the unacceptance by those I love because I am a bit of a Jesus child. Love embraced me closer through my bouts of depression, alcoholism, self-destruction, and self-sabotage. While these 51 years of life have, at times, seemed a maelstrom spinning me down, down, down into oblivion, no matter what, when all has seemed lost, whenever I have been so close to drowning and being pulled under, Love has kept me alive. Love keeps my hope alive. And it is through this hope that I can see beyond all that's wrong to the continuously cascading of good. That's the waterfall I want to show you.

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Proudest accomplishment:
Being Uncle Chad

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