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A poet and artist hailing from Blytheville, Arkansas, Chad A. Gurley graduated from Vanderbilt Divinity School and Harding University living life's questions. Chad began blogging and creating digital art in NYC right before 9/11. After witnessing that tragedy and the trauma of violent loss, Chad began writing poetry and short stories and creating digital art to witness life out loud and to promote peace, hope, and understanding.

In 2023, Chad was honored to have pieces from his hand-drawn digital art series, #smilelines, featured in the following exhibitions: "Proud! Out! Loud! A LGBTQ+ Group Exhibit" by Brews in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, "Assembly" group exhibit by Interform in Springdale, Arkansas, "Haunted" group exhibit by Brews in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, "Chad A. Gurley Digital Art" solo exhibit by The Ritz Civic Center Foundation in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Chad’s poems have been published in eMerge Magazine, The Epistle, The Columbia Observer, and a book of LGBT Christians' poetry, Sanctified. “The Stoning of Andrew,” his fiction short story, appeared in IntheFray Magazine and was a nominee for storySouth's 2006 Millions Writers Award. Chad is presently working on a poetry memoir entitled 49 thin lines.

After a lifetime of seeking and discovery, Chad now lives in the magical historic arts village of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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