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#smilelines is a hand-drawn upside-down frowns digital art series printed in conjunction with Chad Gurley's poetry project, 49 thin lines. Using lines and shapes of vibrant, bold colors, Chad visually translates meaning through complex simplicity. Chad's artwork expresses the resilience of the human spirit and our ability to smile despite life's many tragedies and struggles. He is inspired by prolific American pop and graffiti artist, Keith Haring.

"If you haven't entered with a smile, take one when you go!" Check out my shop!
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#smilelines NEWS

#smilelines will be on exhibition at the Ritz Civic Center in Blytheville, Arkansas, November 3 - 30, 2023.

#doctorjekyllandmisterhyde from #smilelines is in the group exhibition "Haunted" at Brew's in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, October - November 2023.

Chad A. Gurley's upside-down frowns digital art series, #smilelines, has been chosen for exhibition in Interform's 2023 ASSEMBLY, the first of its kind, community-engaged, curatorial training program and regional open call exhibition. In June 2023, ASSEMBLY will showcase more than 60 artists in over 10 exhibitions across Northwest Arkansas. Additionally, the month-long immersive experience will include at least 3 retail pop-up shops highlighting local and regional designers' collections and nationally recognized brands. Within the framework of the biennial, events and celebrations commemorating Juneteenth and LGBTQ+ Pride will take place alongside Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. Embedded within the event is a standard of diversity, equity, and inclusion that creates a tapestry of representation across its participants and audience. #smilelines was chosen for ASSEMBLY's art show, Valued, by curators James Whalen and Jess Whalen.

Assembly 2023

#smilelines has been chosen for exhibition in "Proud! Out! Loud! A LGBTQ+ Group Exhibit" at Brew's in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, June - mid-July 2023.

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Painting on Promotion by Zeek Taylor
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